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Mrs. Grove

Welcome to third grade!

Hello and welcome! I am excited to work with you in making your child's year a success. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out right away. 

About your teacher


This is my seventh year teaching third grade. I look forward to seeing what the year holds!

When I am not teaching, I enjoy kayaking with my husband, playing outside in my garden, completing puzzles, and playing with my dogs Winnie(black one) and Roo(white one).





Math homework will be sent home daily. It will consist of 1-2 worksheets. Please make sure you are reviewing your child's homework each night. Math homework is expected to be returned the next day with parent initials on top.

A fluency passage may be sent home Monday. Practice the passage each night and return it on Thursday.

It is recommended to read 20 minutes each night.





Classroom Expectations:

1. Be safe

2. Be respectful

3. Be responsible

Consequences of not following classroom expectations will result in:

1. Warning

2. Loss of recess/ privileges

3. Lunch detention

4. Conference with principal

Severe behavior may result in going directly to administration.