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Mrs. Gill

What is a STEM Education?

Infographic: The Value of a STEM Education

Education Resources for Home

Classroom Wish List

Colored Copy Paper



(1-15 copies, they do not need to be new)


Max and Me and the Time Machine by Gerry Greer

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe  by C.S. Lewis

Tales of the 4th Grade Nothing by Judy Blume

Ribsy by Beverly Cleary

Non-Fiction Books on Idaho Native American Tribes


Classroom Expectations

Homework policy:  Students have time during the day to work on assignments that are given.  Most assignments are to be completed in class and I will tell the students at the time given when they are due.  If an assignment is given that can be taken home it is the student’s responsibility to complete the assignment and turn it in on time.   If an assignment is not completed and turned in, on time, the assignment will be considered late.   A homework slip will be sent home to communicate that this was the case.  A slip may also be sent home to inform you of work turned in without a name or that is not turned in completed.  Please sign and return the slip the following day.  This is to keep you informed of these cases at the time.  These assignments will receive a grade of zero.  Your child will have math homework daily.

IXL:  We will be using IXL in the classroom as part of our math and Language curriculum. This may also be accessed from home for extra practice.

Water Bottles, Snacks, and Birthday Treats:  

  • Students may have a water bottle and only water in the classroom.
  • There will be an opportunity for the students to have a healthy snack both in the morning and the afternoon.  Please do not send cookies, candy, pudding, etc. or other high sugar snacks.
  • Students may share Birthday treats at school only if his/her birthday falls on a school day. Any treats must be store bought and dropped off at the office that morning. The treats will be shared with the students at lunchtime.

Classroom expectations: These expectations are designed to maximize the time spent on instruction and learning, and minimize the time spent on discipline.  This will allow me to maintain a safe learning environment for all students.

Students will:

*Follow directions the first time given.

*Be courteous when others are speaking.

*Keep hands, feet, and objects to themselves.

*Ask permission to leave the room.

*Use personal and school supplies correctly and respectfully.

*Be respectful of the learning environment in all settings.



First Offense:   Warning

Further offenses will result in a loss of recess time and if necessary a parent/teacher conference.

Severe Clause:  Any behavior that is violent or insubordinate will be directed to the Principal immediately.