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Reading & Language

Shurley Language

We use Shurley Language books as a resource for our grammar practice. We will learn to identify and properly use the parts of speech and basic grammar rules. Please click here for supplemental resources to help your child with Shurley practice. 


PLATO is an online resource that we use for reading and language practice. Students are welcome to log on to PLATO at home as well as at school. Plato works best in Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. You will need to enable flash on your computer. Students will have a weekly focus in PLATO that is supplementing the work we do as a class. There will also be individualized prescriptions for their specific level. 

Poetry Corner

We are currently reading and writing different types of poetry! Students will be: 1) Collecting and writing poetry for their poetry collection workbooks. 2) Reciting a poem of their choice for the class. 3) Examining figurative language in poetry and how it contributes to the overall poem. 4) Analyzing and interpreting poems. 


Poem Collections:




Theme Poem:


Concrete Poem:


Cinquain Poem:


Free Verse:


Bookmobile comes to our school twice each month. You can check out ANY book from the Kootenai County Library and have it sent to the bookmobile! Visit and log in to your account. Find a book that you would like, press the place hold button, and choose 'Bookmobile' for the pick-up location. 

Student Websites

Scholastic Book Orders

Scholastic book orders will be sent home towards the beginning of each quarter or you can order online at any time here: 

These orders are completely optional. The benefit of ordering through Scholastic is that they give us free books for our class after so many orders.