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Mrs. Schilke Locker
8/28/19 3:08 PM
8/27/19 3:06 PM

Mrs. Schilke

Welcome to 6th Grade Math and Science!

I am excited to be working with your students here at North Idaho STEM Charter Academy.  We have a busy year ahead of us, and many fun and amazing things to learn.

6th Grade Math

Students can expect to have daily homework in Math.   They will also be using Khan Academy twice a week in class.  This is not only a great resource for continued learning, but also a great way for students to challenge themselves.

6th Grade Science

Students will have science twice a week and are expected to bring their Science notebook with them both days.  We will be covering information from three main subjects;  Physical Science, Earth Science, and Life Science.  Notebooks will be used for daily note taking, answering entry task questions, and laboratory activities.  Periodically, I will be checking notebooks for a grade.  Students can expect a weekly quiz and an exam at the end of each main subject.  Students are encouraged to keep their notebooks clean and organized, as they will be able to use them on exams.  We will also be doing a variety of laboratory activities throughout the year.

Current Assignments