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Ms. Mirich Locker

Hayley Mirich

SBAC/ISAT Practice Tests

OWL Purdue MLA Citations Link

Essay/Presentation Notes

Keyboard Practice - How to Type



This website is useful for students who like to type at a faster and more accurate rate.

Plagiarism and Self-Plagiarism Policy

Beginning Reading Activities


Outline Templates

The Secret Annex Virtual Tour

Mark Twain's House Virtual Tour

Mark Twain "The Man that Corrupted Hadleyburg"

Contemporary Literature Syllabus



Next Writing Assignment - See separate grade level sections.


7th Grade Language Arts

20000 Leagues Under the Sea Due:  To Be Announced


Grammar Chapter 10 - Due Date:  3/20


Study Questions:  Answer a minimum of FOUR questions per section.  If less than four questions are available, answer all of them.  When possible, answer in complete sentences.  Everything must be typed.  These will be graded in "part" in the grade book.  NOTE:  There are 13 Question sections; you are REQUIRED to complete 10 Question sections.


20000 Leagues Under the Sea Questions 


20000 Leagues Under the Sea Vocabulary


Study Questions and Vocabulary - All sections due by March 19th.  Students are welcome to hand in sections as they complete them.  NOTE:  Any "Reading" section marked as "NA" in the gradebook will be changed to a "Late" zero grade after 3/19!

8th Grade Language Arts


Grammar Chapter 10 - Due Date:  3/20



A Midsummer Night's Dream Worksheets  - Act Three due 3/15 Thursday  Act Four due 3/22 Thursday


A Midsummer Night's Dream Vocabulary- Part Three due 3/15 Thursday   Act Four Due 3/22 Thursday

Contemporary Literature

Contemporary Lit. - Creative Project Due Date: 3/20 Tuesday


Read 50 pages per week starting: 


Vocabulary - High School - Due:  3/22 Thursday (before Spring Break!)


The Book Thief Essay  OR  To Kill a Mockingbird Essay - Due:  To Be Announced

Parent Letter