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Ms. Mirich Locker
8/15/19 10:55 AM

Hayley Mirich

Google Classroom

Specific class information can be found through Google Classroom.  This will be one of the main programs students will use to locate valuable resources, manage their work schedules, as well as complete and hand in the majority of their assignments.

OWL Purdue MLA Citations Link

Click on the link below to get detailed instructions and examples for various types of MLA citations.

O.W.L. Purdue is updated very regularly, and this means that this site has the MOST up-to-date citation information.  It is strongly recommended that ALL students get used to using this site as it is something that will help greatly in both high school and college.  

Best Methods for Success

1. Rough Drafts - instructions on Google Classroom

2. Peer Editing - as often and as with many DIFFERENT people as possible

3. Ask direct questions - I am ALWAYS happy to help

British Literature and 7th and 8th grade language arts

Google Classroom - Make sure you look at the Classwork section for more organized materials.  You can select this section by clicking a button labeled 'Classwork' at the top of you Google Classroom page.