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Mrs. Marston



Classroom Rules and Expectations

  1. Come to class prepared and ready to work.

  2. Follow directions (class & school rules)

  3. Listen when others are talking.

  4. Participate in class activities, and strive to do your best

  5. Use kind words


  1. Warning

  2. Lose recess time and class privledges

  3. Lose recess, conference with teacher, and parent contact

  4. Conference with Administration


** Severe circumstances move directly to #4



Bookmobile is every second and fourth Tuesday.





"The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be ignited." -Plutarch


Please provide opportunities for your child to visit the following sites:

Khan Academy for Math practice:

Shurley English for practice:


Parents and Second Grade Students,

   Greetings!! Thank you for visiting our class page. I hope you enjoy the pictures, and I will post more throughout the year. Also, remember to use the links for reading and math that will help your child develop more skills in those subjects.

     I am  so blessed to have your children in my class, and look forward to all the challenging and fun things we will do the throughout the remaining school year. 


Math  Homework.

Math:  Two worksheets will go home each night. Please go over these assignments with your child, and write your initials at the top RIGHT of each paper.  This lets me know you looked the paper over and helped in any areas in which your child had difficulty.  If homework is not turned in the following day I will send home a missing assignment slip to be signed by you and returned.  No late papers will be accepted. If your child is absent an extra day is allowed to make up the assignment.

Parent/guardian signatures are required.

In addition, please have your child read one or two columns from the Fry's word list several times during the week. Sight word list reading can also count toward part of their independent reading time. This list is to be kept at home.

Thank you in advance for taking part in your child's reading success!!


Class Needs Wish List:                                             

 Frisbees (2)

 24 Scotch tape ( individual packs)

24 red pens

5x7 white index cards

sandwich zip-lock bags (1)

1 large container of corn starch