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Thank you for visiting, and thank you, too, for your continued support. I love your children!!
Homework Assignments

Homework Policy:  

Nightly homework assignments will consist of Math and Reading. However, vocabulary words may come home from time to time for extra practice. Your child should be able to accomplish all homework within one hour.


Math Homework: I am asking that you go over your child's Math homework with them.  Once having done so, please place your initials at the top of each paper.  This will tell me that you looked over the paper together and you helped them in any areas in which they were having difficulty.


Homework needs to come back every day. Most always students will have two papers, but sometimes there may only be one. If homework is not turned in, I will send a homework slip to be signed, by you, and returned to me the next day. They will also need to stay in recess to complete the missing work. This will keep you informed, while holding them accountable. *Rarely will students come home without homework. I will post on my website to let you know when that might be, so you are not questioning. Thank you!


Fluency- Reading Logs and Independent Reading Time Sheets will go home each Wednesday and will be due back the following Tuesday with parent's initials.


Fluency Reading Logs:  A new passage will go home with your child each Tuesday.  I am expecting them to read the passage to you on Tuesday, and then again the following Monday, before returning to me on Tuesday . Each time completing two - one minute timings that need to be recorded with words per minute (wpm) on one section of their fluency reading log paper.  Please have them write in the name of the passage, the date, and the total words read per minute, before placing your initials on the paper. They are encouraged to read the passage nightly between timings to increase fluency. Also, please ask questions to make sure they are comprehending the story. 


*Sight word reading is also a nice way to increase fluency. Please have your child read a couple columns a night for practice, and then check on log sheet before placing your initials Monday night. 


Independent Reading Time Sheet:  Student are expected to read for at least 15 minutes a night while tracking their time. Each Monday before returning the sheet to school on Tuesday, have them write the total # of minutes read for the week by filling out, only one line , on their 'Independent Time Sheet', with the total number of minutes read for the week.  


**Return, Both, 'Reading Fluency' and 'Independent Time Sheet' to school each Tuesday morning.


** Important: These two papers will count as part of your child's Reading grade.  

Thank you in advance for taking part in your child's academic success!!





Classroom Rules, Expectations and Consequences:


Classroom Rules and Expectations:

  1. Come to class prepared and ready to work.
  2. Be respectful and use kind words.
  3. Listen when others are talking.
  4. Participate in class activities.
  5. Follow directions and all school rules.


  1. Warning
  2. Lose recess time and classroom privileges.  
  3. Lose Recess/ Conference with teacher/Parent Contact  
  4. Conference with principal


** Severe circumstances move directly to #4



Important Information

* Music - Monday and Wednesday

* Health and Fitness - Tuesday and Thursday


* Bookmobile will be on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month.   Please make sure your child has a library card so they can have this opportunity. 


**Please provide your child with opportunities to visit the following sites for extra practice.


Khan Academy for extra Math practice:


Shurley English for extra practice:



IXL for Reading skill practice:      Class Code: P9JMQ  You can log in at anytime, select, pay, and order online. I will get an email and process the order. The order will come to the school and I will give to your child. Thank you!

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