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Miss Young
Miss Young

Miss Young

Welcome to 4th Grade!

Welcome to 4th Grade! This year is going to be full of fun and exciting things. We have a lot to learn and do. Read the back to school letter for more details: Welcome to 4th grade 2017-2018.docx


I'll be adding more information to this website as time allows. If you have questions in the meantime, please contact me! 

About Miss Young

I have been teaching for six years. This will be my fourth year teaching 4th grade. Prior to that, I taught middle school math and science. I love teaching 4th grade! We get to learn about so many interesting things. Each day is full of discoveries about ourselves, other people, and the world around us. 


Prior to teaching in elementary school, I taught ski and snowboard lessons for many years. I worked in sales and as an occasional guide for an adventure travel company. I've also spent time as a personal trainer. I love the challenges and joys of teaching. Each day is unique. There are so many wonderful and exciting things to learn about. I also treasure the relationships formed in the classroom.


I received my Masters of Education in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Idaho. I have a K-8 teaching certificate with a math endorsement and a highly qualified science teacher status. My undergraduate degrees were a B.S. in Movement Studies and a B.A. in Business Administration. I also completed a theatre minor just for fun. Suffice to say, I love school! 


I was raised in Pullman, Washington but have lived in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho for the past ten years. I enjoy the many recreational opportunities that Coeur d'Alene offers. I spend a lot of time gardening, going for walks by the lake, biking, skiing, snowboarding, and doing home improvement projects. This year I've been attempting to learn rowing, tennis, and the Argentine tango. I also enjoy practicing the piano, reading, writing, and traveling whenever possible. 


I look forward to getting to know each of you! 

Wish List

Any of the following items would be greatly appreciated in the classroom. Thank you so much for the items that have been brought in. They have been so helpful! 

- Words Their Way: Word Study for Phonics, Vocabulary, and Instruction book 
- Playground equipment (kickballs, basketballs, soccer balls, hula hoops, jump ropes, etc.)
- Compressed air (for cleaning keyboards) 
- 18" and 24" butcher paper dispenser/cutter
- Colored butcher paper
- Cleaning rags
- Books on any of the Idaho Native Tribes
- Hobby Glue
- Spray adhesive
- LEGO crown gears 
- Thesaurus and dictionary classroom set
- Clear bin pullout drawer organizers for legos
- Potting soil for science experiments
- Light bulbs ( for building circuits) 
- Flour
- Paper plates
- Medium rubber bands
- 8oz paper cups
- Marbles
- Masking tape and/or painters tape
- 3/4" foam pipe insulation - Cut in 3' sections. 
- Dixie cups
- Flashlights
- Aluminum foil
- Cardboard from cereal boxes
- Small mirrors
- Balloons
- Paper clips