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High School 9th-12th Grade

Graduation Requirements

Semester credit requirements for graduation from STEM Charter can be accessed here: 

STEM Graduation Requirements

Completion of these credits will satisfy the State of Idaho STEM High School Diploma requirements.


The High School Profile for STEM Charter Academy is here:

NISCA School Profile 2022-23

Advanced Opportunities

Eligible students at STEM in grades 7-12 participate in the Fast Forward program offered by the State Dept of Education' s Advanced Opportunities. Our 7th-9th grade students have moved ahead on high school graduation requirements either during the summer or as an optional overload courses via IDLA. Students may begin dual credit as early as grade 10 depending on academic preparedness and proven work ethic. Our 10th grade dual credit students are taking courses such as Academic Sccess Topics, Intro to Public Speaking, and PE on our campus at STEM for college credit. Juniors are able to take a full schedule of college credit courses on our campus at STEM. Our 12th grade dual credit students  are splitting their time each week between STEM and the NIC campus. During the 2021-22 school year, we will be offering over 30 college credits via face-to-face instruction here at STEM, including lab sciences, computer science, math, PE, public speaking, psychology, and anthropology. 

Early Release

Students in grades 9-11 have the option for early release at 3:00 since 7th period is a Study Hall, provided they have transportation. The link to the permission form is below--this must be on file in the office prior to the start of early release. Early Release students not picked up or without transportation at 3:00 will be sent to 7th period Study Hall. 

Early Release Form

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Secondary Teachers & Websites

  Mrs. Arpke Teacher - Band Teacher
  Mrs. Carlson Teacher: Secondary Science
  Mr. Clifton Teacher - Music Director
  Mr. Eldenburg Teacher - Secondary Science/Projects
  Mr. Hatrock Teacher -Fitness and Health
  Mr. Johnson Teacher - Secondary Social Studies/Graphic Design
  Mrs. LaPresta Teacher - Secondary Math/Business Technology
  Mr. Lin Teacher - Secondary Math
  Mr. Moon Teacher - Secondary Computer Science/Projects
  Mrs. Pence High School Advisor
  Mrs. Sims Teacher - Secondary Language Arts