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Joyce Arpke

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Next Year!

I am so excited for next year! Any band students continuing in the 7th/8th grade combined band will need Accent on Achievement Book 2 (the red one)


5th Grade Beginning Band Students need Accent on Achievement Book 1 (blue)


All band students please keep practicing throughout the summer and remember to clean your instruments!

See you September 4th!!! Happy Summer!


Making Music!


We are in full swing now and your students are gaining leaps and bounds in the band classroom! I am hearing good intonation and nice phrasing and we have some songs working well. However, we are struggling with good posture. Please continue practicing at home, paying particular attention to correct playing posture and breathing. There is no time limit on practicing as long as your students are using their time effectively and are working on improving their musical skills.



Welcome to BAND! I am excited to be teaching here at STEM. Learning a band instrument takes hard work and should be a long-term commitment. You are essentially learning a new language and it takes time. Please do not be discouraged or quit your instrument without first asking for help. Many times there is an issue with the quality of your reeds or equipment that may make playing easier if addressed.


My goal is for you to love making music! I look forward to a fun and musically enriching school year!

Mrs. Arpke

Band Program NEEDS

Here is a list of needs for our Band Program. Any donations or help fundraising would be greatly appreciated!