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Happy Spring!


We've  learned our ABC's and are working on our "Hunks and Chunks". That is, chunks of letters like sh, ch, ing, all, th, ou, ow, oo, ar, or, ice, ace .... Please have your child circle these chunks of letters in their homework and point them out every time they read. 


Just a reminder, as the weather changes please make sure your child comes to school with appropriate clothing.


*All sweatshirts and sweaters must be solid and have the school logo.


Please feel free to contact me if I can be of assistance. I'm always happy to conference and provide additional resources and strategies.


Mrs. Amburn

Wish List


  • Seeds, soil and small cups for plant unit
  • Children's Books (ex. Dr. Seuss, BOB books)
  • Magnifying glasses (any kind)
  • Rocks and crystals for science exploration
  • Magnets (all types)
  • Bookshelves